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I started Do It Ya Self Entertainment out of frustration. I struggled to find people to help record, market and promote my music. So at the tender age of 19, I decided to take my career into my own hands. Unlike most of todays start up brands and Companies, I never had the opportunity to receive third party investment and connections. I literally had to “Create something from nothing” I started to use my time more effectively by increasing my knowledge. Then going out into the real world and started executing all the new things I had learned. I am now in some regards a one-man music label; I’m now doing the work that teams of individuals are supposed to do. My journey of self-progress has not been easy but it all started the day I started to live my passion. My goal for DIY ENT is to inspire people to live out their passions and to turn their dreams into reality. My mission is to bring innovation to the music industry and change the way you experience music forever.

Much Love